[NBLUG/talk] Mouse Server

Lincoln Peters sampln at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 1 12:35:30 PDT 2006

Robert P. Thille wrote:
> subverting software protections like that is too easy.  Close it, 
> unplug it and remove the battery.  Then take it home, boot of CD and 
> wipe the drive.  'security' subverted.

Good point.  Actually, even without knowing exactly how easy it would be 
to subvert, I wouldn't have trusted that kind of protection anyway 
(which is why I never let my laptop go more than arm's reach from me 
unless I'm absolutely sure it's safe).

> the laptops and mac minis have the 'kensington' lock slot.  You should 
> be able to pick up a cable lock to tie it down for ~$15.

That is a much better solution.

Lincoln Peters
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