[NBLUG/talk] Judging a book by its cover (was Re: Women in FLOSS)

S. Saunders sms at sonic.net
Thu Jun 8 22:19:02 PDT 2006

On Thu, June 8, 2006 17:45, Bill Kendrick wrote:

> > Indeed I thought it was a spam at first glance.
> Wow, yeah, that tells you where my mind _wasn't._  (It took all this
> time to understand what people though was wrong about the
> subject line.  *sigh*)


When I see "person in..." I am more-or-less expecting some
sort of garment-related phrase, "in" in the sense of "wearing."

When I see "<gender> in..." as an e-mail topic, I am more-or-less
expecting the "garment" to be minimal and the e-mail to be an ad
for images such as are suggested.

More or less.

BUT, as it happens, I've been on a BIG open-source research kick
lately (looking for several things), and "FOSS" has been rather
in-my-face for some weeks (FLOSS being obviously-similar).  Even
more telling, my mailclient colorcodes everything on the NBLUG list,
so I was predisposed NOT to expect pornospam from that mail --
rather than judging by the subject-line, I was going even more
simplemindedly by the colorcode!   ;-)

- Steve S.

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