[NBLUG/talk] Re: talk Digest, Vol 27, Issue 20

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Tue Jun 20 12:55:23 PDT 2006

> On Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at 09:42:36AM -0700, Garland, David wrote:
>> "We are looking for someone who is under 30" - translates roughly to "We
>> are looking for some young and gullible to exploit".
> Especially given that they're offering only $30K/year in an area (country,
> really) with a high cost of living.

>From recent visitors it's not as bad as we tend to think. Yes you can very
quickly spend money in Japan on very expensive things. But they also have
a 100 yen value meal at McDonalds, complete decent meals at restaruants
arround 700 yen, hotel rooms for $40 a night and other things you don't
here about over here. I remember someone saying a couple years ago that a
cup of coffie in Japan was five or ten bucks, but if you check out a local
"coffie" establishment the prices are similar here. In short the costs are
very similar to the costs here and you can roughly figgure yen as pennies
and be pretty alright (100yen = 1 dollar).

Yes there are $40 cantelopes. Their very special and imported. Their used
as gifts to show that you have money or to whish good health to someone in
the hospital. Things that are important for the culture are expensive and
are generally not usual purchases. Those little backpacks that the
schoolkids wear cost $300-500 but are well made of thick leather. They are
expected to last the child until college.

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