[NBLUG/talk] finding debian packages, hotplug, ubuntu, etc

Bob Blick bblick at sonic.net
Fri Jun 23 18:45:37 PDT 2006

On 23 Jun 2006 at 0:35, Troy Arnold wrote:

> The two most useful tools for this are apt-cache (which searches package
> names and descriptions) and apt-file (which search filenames included in
> the package)

Hi Troy,

Thanks for the tips. So far I'm enjoying Debian. The quirks (like apt-
get giving me a 2.4 kernel when I ask for kernel-source) I can get 
used to. My wireless adapter is working fine and I like the package 
system better than RPM. But for source packages neither seems 
any better than tarballs - I still have to fix symbolic links and figure 
out missing dependencies myself. Actually, if I'd just used a tarball I 
would have spent less time getting the wireless driver working, but 
then I wouldn't have learned anything new :)

Cheerful regards,


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