[NBLUG/talk] Refilling toner cartridges

mike dolo724 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 30 20:45:12 PST 2007

Lincoln Peters wrote:
> I don't have the original boxes.  The cartridges I'm using now are secondhand 
> (they have been refilled at least once).

I'm sorry, I should clarify my statement:
When you purchase a new HP cart, save the box it comes in for your old 
cart as it is re-used for the return shipment. Visit 
(or hp.com/recycle)
They will apparently supply materials (free) to recycle all your old 
carts. yay!

> Interestingly, the only times these used cartridges have given me problems has 
> been when they were running low (they would create a dark streak on the 
> printout, which would gradually get bigger until the entire page was 
> darkened).  But since I never put new cartridges with the printer (I got it 
> used, and it included the cartridges), I don't know if that issue was 
> specific to the used cartridges or a problem with cartridges running low in 
> general.

I had refilled my original (already of unknown age) professionally 
twice, then got a new one on recommendation from the refiller. I got 
only one new cart, it was fabulous. I deep-cleaned the 4L first, then 
installed it. No streaking, no noises of straining, lasted until I gave 
up the printer. Here's the original: 

The reason I went color laser was my inkjet carts kept drying out from 
low-usage and eventually would have cost more to keep buying new or 
used, or trying to refill them. The 4L went to another good home.

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