[NBLUG/talk] tar balls

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Wed Nov 21 10:16:54 PST 2007

Yes, you're quite right. I was going about my business when they started 
talking on the news about tar balls. My ears pricked up and I was 
expecting something about Linux vs Win or something.

Scrappy Laptop wrote:
> My guess was that he was referring to the condition of San Francisco Bay and shorelines north, in the wake of the oil spill.  
> When I first half-heard the news reporter, I was attempting a frustrating install onto a pcmcia hard drive and I thought, "tarballs?" and envisioned tape carts and floppy disks littering Rodeo and Stinson Beaches.  Couldn't reconcile how they could be hurting the waterfowl, though...
> Question:  Anyone else having trouble with Ubuntu 7.10 recognizing pcmcia IDE devices?  I was trying to prep one for use on a pc/104 '486 using my laptop.   Four different models of pcmcia hdd ranging from 340MB to 2GB, all result in a "cannot set transfer mode" error and timeout.  Earlier kernels are okay, other distros no problem (I tried DSL and Breezy CD's) and there are mentions in the kernel bug lists going back a year, but I've not yet correlated version numbers with what is in 7.10.
> -Frank
> Lincoln Peters <anfrind at gmail.com> wrote: On Nov 18, 2007 11:02 PM, Walter Hansen  wrote:
>> first time I've ever heard tarballs mentioned on the news.
> Where???
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