[NBLUG/talk] Pictures to cell phones

Sean seanvanco at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 09:49:58 PST 2007

This question caused me to re-start my search for a good PIM program.
I think I've found something that may be more flexible than bitpim.

Try kitchensync. It seems to be the so-called standard these days for
linux (if the articles I'm reading are correct), and can not only sync
files but also sync mail, calendars (korganizer, google, etc) and
handle multiple phone types.

This blog entry might be useful as a starting point (it's not very
detailed, but all i could quickly find), but keep in mind you have the
install the modules below before you get full functionality:

You need to install kitchesync, which uses opensync in the background,
and I suggest installing all opensync-plugin modules (debian apt-get
install opensync-plugin* worked for me). The etch 64-bit repositories
have an older version, but Ubuntu seems to have a more current and (in
my opinion) more user-friendly version. If you use KDE, installing
kdepim package should get you most of what you need, but you will
probably still have to manually select the opensync-plugin modules
(they weren't listed in adept or synaptic for ubuntu/debian).

I'm trying to set it up so that my Windows Mobile phone can sync with
kalendar, which will sync with Google Calendar (not read-only; see
http://gcaldaemon.sourceforge.net/), and having the file syncing will
be a very nice plus. Because it also uses opensync, it can sync with
Evolution 2 calendars also. I hope to have it working in a few days
(possibly tonight, but Murphy seems to LOVE to look over my shoulder).


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