[NBLUG/talk] Can't boot from Hard Drive

Dave Sisley dsisley at sonic.net
Tue Oct 23 07:32:51 PDT 2007


I have a Dell Dimension 2350 that had what looked like a Hard Drive 
failure.  I put in a different (used) drive and installed FC4 on that.  
When I try to boot, the machine acts as though there is no hard drive 
installed.  Poking around the bios boot options, I don't see the drive.  
The drive is jumpered to be a master with slave present (CD).

What's funny is that booting from knoppix or from the FC4 install disk - 
meaning booting from CD - works fine.  What's more, the CD-based OS can 
see the hard drive.  Knoppix saw it, and FC4 obviously saw & wrote to 
it.  That means the disk is okay, and that there's nothing wrong with 
the data cable or something...

Any ideas?  Thanks so much!


Dave Sisley
dsisley at sonic.net

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