[NBLUG/talk] Can't boot from Hard Drive

Dave Sisley dsisley at sonic.net
Wed Oct 24 09:54:20 PDT 2007

Thanks to everybody for the help.  I had a longish off-list thread with 
a guy from SF who saw the Installfest posting on CraigsList - I told him 
he should definitely subscribe to the mailing list even if he can't come 
up for the meetings.  You've all reconfirmed that.

Here's an update:  Using a combination of all the suggestions, I am able 
to boot if:

    * the drive is set to cable select
    * I use the CD cable in the second (?) IDE cable slot
    * I press f12 at the Dell bios splash screen and select 'Boot from
      Hard Drive' option

Going into the bios and trying to have it 'auto detect' the drive did 
not really work.  The drive is listed as the secondary master.

Obviously, we've moved the ball down the field, but I can't expect the 
users of this box to know how to boot via the f12 option.  Can the bios 
be edited in some way so that this drive is recognized as the drive from 
which to boot?  Other ideas?  Part out the machine and head to Best Buy?

Thanks (again!) in advance.


ps:  Does chicken blood stain?  My wife is going to kill me... I should 
have done this in the garage.

Dave Sisley
dsisley at sonic.net

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