[NBLUG/talk] source installed package question

Scott Doty scott at corp.sonic.net
Mon Dec 1 11:47:20 PST 2008

Sean wrote:
> I have hit a situation where I had installed mysql via source on a
> Debian Etch server, and want to set up database replication using ssl.
> I don't think it was compiled with this option, but I can't easily
> verify it.
> Is there a way to determine after the fact what flags were using for
> the install? I no longer have the original or unpacked tarball,
> including the make file. I know I can test whether or not I have this
> capability with a little work, but I was hoping to find this out for
> future use. I did search for this information but didn't find any
> results.
It looks like quite a bit of information regarding the mysqld can be 
found with:

  /usr/libexec/mysqld --verbose --help

This also ends with this instruction:

''To see what values a running MySQL server is using, type
'mysqladmin variables' instead of 'mysqld --verbose --help'.''

Hope that helps. :)


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