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Dear Sebastopol community and friends,

On Nov. 20 the Sebastopol City Council voted to have Sonic install
wi-fi on the light poles, beginning in the downtown core and then
expanding throughout the city. Several residents submitted information
and expressed concern about the dangers of the electromagnetic
radiation increase, however Sonic led the council to believe there
would be an overall decrease in radiation because businesses and
people would trade their current units for free wi-fi.  An initial
inquiry of 20 downtown businesses proves their theory incorrect. There
was no environmental impact report and it was claimed exempt after
they voted on it.

Wi-fi has not been proven safe for long term exposure. The proposed
wi-fi emits pulsed microwave radiation 24 hours a day. This is
electrical pollution and it will radiate our plaza, our streets, our
homes and parks, affecting people, animals, and plant life. The London
Resolution (Nov. 2007) calls for no wifi in homes, schools and public
places. Paris libraries have banned wifi.  The European Environmental
  Union advises no wifi.  The CA EMF program and the World Health
Organization urge governments to apply the precautionary principle
especially concerning children.

Please sign our online petition urging the Sebastopol City Council to
reconsider their decision to install city wide wi-fi.
(To view the signature list click on "view current signatures "and
then click on the numbered live link next to "view signatures" and the
list will be shown.)

On Jan. 15 we presented the Sebastopol City Council with 160
signatures. We hope they will re-agendize this important issue and
reverse their decision to install city wide wi-fi in town. Until then
the more signatures we can gather the better. Come to the next City
Council meeting on Tuesday Feb 5 at 7 pm at the teen center to support
this important issue. If they have not already done so we will ask the
council to reconsider their decision during the Public Comments
Section.   Please pass this info to others and ask them to sign the
online petition.

Here are web links with information about wireless/ EMF Public health


Thank You,

Sandi Maurer, Electrical Pollution/Sensitivity Research
Melissa Weaver, The Center for Sustainable Health, Environmental
Health Educator and Consultant
Michael Neuert, Electrical Engineer and EMF Consultant, www.emfcenter.com
Layna Berman, www.yourownhealthandfitness.org, Health Educator, KPFA
talk show host
Jeffry Fawcett, PhD., www.yourownhealthandfitness.org

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