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Bob Blick bobblick at ftml.net
Thu Mar 13 09:22:52 PDT 2008

On Thu, 13 Mar 2008 08:39:19 -0700, "Walter Hansen" <gandalf at sonic.net>
> Yes it's the tin foil hat types. I've been hearing their arguments and 
> rantings for a couple months now on wacco news lists. One person in Seb 
> had their house re-wired (something like $100,000) with twisted wiring 
> to lower EMF/EMR fields. They say that the type of boxes sonic is using 
> are 100X more powerful than household wi-fi and most business will not 
> take their networks down because of the free service.
> They quote studies  from doctors without a lot of backing. It's rather 
> typical from what I've seen from that group. The less evidence there is 
> for something, the more hidden or secret it must be; therefore less 
> evidence equals more truth.

I hate to butt in on this type of discussion because I know it can get
heated, but I feel that your attitude causes just the kind of
polarization that you are complaining about. Please try to remember that
everyone is different, and it is possible that there are physical
effects from radio and it only effects certain people, and that they are
not "at fault". Please try to treat them like people and be sensitive to
their feelings and issues and also to accomodate them if possible. There
have been some reasonably-conducted studies that do show issues of
concern for some people.

So if you want to make arguments, please try to find common ground and
not dismiss your opponents as people with tinfoil hats. You'll be
shooting yourself in the foot if you do. These are your neighbors and
they should also be your friends if at all possible. Educate yourself
about signal strength, wavelength, and modulation methods. Use your
brain. Make convincing arguments, not divisive ones.

I recently moved here from the town of Mendocino, where this battle was
fought for several years, and I've seen what can happen when people take
sides and yell. It gets nasty. You don't want that.

Cheerful regards,


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