[NBLUG/talk] Ubuntu / eee Box can't get out of hibernation

Michael Dooley mdooley at sonic.net
Sat Nov 21 10:49:08 PST 2009

Dave Sisley wrote:

> Hey:
> I am running Ubuntu 9.04 (Netbook Remix) on an eee Box  (1006, I 
> think).  It originally came with XP, but I installed Ubuntu over that 
> (not dual boot).
> It's been running great for a couple of months now, but I had the 
> brilliant idea of putting it into hibernation yesterday - and I can't 
> get the damn thing to wake back up.
> All I see is splash screen that says 'eee Box'.  I have tried a hard 
> (power button)  reboot, but I end up in the same place.  I don't even 
> get  a chance to edit the bios settings or anything.  It's not really 
> booting, I guess, because it thinks it is in hibernation.
> It's almost like it's waiting for input from the keyboard, but I can't 
> talk to it.  We have a wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard attached, 
> which seem to be off.  I have attached a usb keyboard to the box, but it 
> doesn't light up (caplocks, etc.).  It's like this box is in a coma!
> I'd appreciate any clues anyone could offer as to how to either send the 
> box a signal to wake itself back up, or alternatively how I can force it 
> to reboot.  I have tried unplugging the power cable for a few minutes, 
> but that doesn't help.  I also tried attaching a cd drive with a Live CD 
> in it, but since it's not really booting, it doesn't boot the disk.
> Thanks.
> -dave.


My best guess is that you can force a reboot by removing all power 
sources. This usually entails popping out the battery. Hopefully the eee 
Box allows this without too much disassembly.

Good luck -


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