[NBLUG/talk] Ubuntu / eee Box can't get out of hibernation

Michael Dooley mdooley at sonic.net
Sat Nov 21 22:59:27 PST 2009

Dave Sisley wrote:

> Michael -
> You were right about removing the battery.  It was, however, an enormous 
> pain in the ass.  The good news is that I only broke 2 plastic tabs, 
> only had 4 extra screws left over, and after unplugging the battery for 
> 20 minutes (for good measure), I was able to boot into the machine again.
> Those eee boxes are not meant to be opened. 
> I will never ever suspend or hibernate this machine again, as god is my 
> witness.
> -dave.

I was afraid that this would be the case. I have no immediate experience 
with netbooks but plenty with the ordinary laptop/notebook type devices. 
Taking these *things* apart is a bit frightening. I'm glad you got 
through it with just a few scrapes to show for your courage.

There has just gotta be some setting in the BIOS that would let you 
either hibernate or "sleep" your machine. G-d knows how you would ever 
find this however.

I respect your oath above. I've  uttered several things in this nature 
myself. Thanks for reporting back Dave.


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