[NBLUG/talk] KDE 4.x help

Troy Arnold troy at zenux.net
Wed Apr 14 14:08:02 PDT 2010

On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 01:38:15PM -0700, Bob Blick wrote:
> I'm looking at replacing my Kubuntu 8.04 install next month when 10.04
> is released. But I played around a bit with the beta2 live CD of Kubuntu
> and I can't make heads or tails of KDE 4.x

I upgraded my Desktop to Lucid just a couple of days ago.  It went
smoothly, except for the point when my mouse and keyboard locked up and I
had to ssh in to finish the upgrade :/

Seriously, it *was* pretty smooth, much more so than any other major
release upgrade that I've done.  I did have to use my brain a little bit to
sort out some circular dependencies, but not nearly so much as on past
releases.  No problems since the install, and no crazy nvidia bullshit this
time either. 

> Can anyone recommend a site that has KDE 4.x information for the general
> user? Because it is way different than 3.5 and I can't get anywhere.
> Even the names they use for things is confusing. Maybe I need to "add a
> desktop activity" with a glossary of terms :)

Well, I pretty much figured out kde4 the way I always do... by clicking
around and trying stuff.  But does this help ? :


kde4 is a little different so you have to treat some of the new ideas with
an open mind...

Also, someone mentioned here that you can configure kmenu to show
application names as well as the service they are providing. So instead of 
"Media Player" you get "Media Player (Amarok)"

But menus are lame anyway.  krunner or gnome-do ftw.


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