[NBLUG/talk] nautilus/samba freeze

Bob Blick bobblick at ftml.net
Thu Jul 15 20:23:23 PDT 2010

On Thu, 15 Jul 2010 17:09:56 -0700, "Steve Johnson" said:
> How are you mounting the samba share?  Are you using CIFS or SMBFS? (Or
> whatever the old samba FS was.)  I ran into issues with large amounts of
> data doing samba mounts, and then I read up on it and found that there
> are
> issues with it and the best way to go is to mount up the shares as CIFS,
> this fixed my problem.

While trying to figure out which I was using, I ran into this article
that suggests that CIFS has replaced SMBFS by default in Ubuntu since
Hardy, so I guess I am using CIFS:


I'm doing a 380 gig rsync backup to a completely blank drive right now
so I can't verify this (or rather, I'd prefer not to mount a new
filesystem while this is going on).

Cheerful regards,.


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