[NBLUG/talk] Q/A with RMS

Scott Doty scott at ponzo.net
Fri Jul 30 09:17:35 PDT 2010

  On 07/29/2010 09:50 PM, Troy Arnold wrote:
> Dunno how many of you frequent Reddit, but there's a forum where people
> volunteer to answer questions that the community throws at them.  Someone
> persuaded RMS to respond to a handful of the top questions (as voted on by
> the community).  Here are his responses:
> http://blog.reddit.com/2010/07/rms-ama.html
> It's the most interesting read I've had in sometime and leaves me with even
> more respect for the guy.

I've read almost all of it, but had to set it aside for later.

But I did see an awesome quote from RMS re: human government:

"My conclusion is that we need a state, and we need to exercise
democracy so firmly that companies scream and whimper about all the
money they didn't make because we didn't grant them dominion over our

Seeing the regulatory challenges we _still_ face -- even with the Obama 
administration running the FCC -- I would modify this.  While we need a 
"firm exercise of democracy", we also need it to be smart.

> Not enough to use Emacs though ;-)

Me neither.  I've used Joe's Own Editor since the beginning, and Joe 3 
does everything I want it to do in an editor.

I have, though, been playing with NetBeans, with its Java code 
completion. :)

Thanks for the pointer! 8D


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