New SRJC networking courses

Nancy Harrison vulpia at
Tue Jun 15 12:01:15 PDT 1999

I had a nice talk this am with Sujan Sarkar at the JC CIS dept (where I
left a copy of the InstallFest flyer for them to post).  Sujan is part of the
team designing a new Unix networking track (other team members are
Sean K, Eric S and Pat G, the Unix instructors). 
  Up to now, the networking at the JC went from DOS 6 (to teach you
about the command line - <G>) to Novell or NT. Now there will be 3
basic introductory units - a course in DOS 7 commandline (Win 9x),
then a theory course, then a hands-on networking using your choice
of Novell, NT or Linux.
  After the 3 basic courses, 3 tracks will branch off - one to Novell, one
to NT and one to Unix. The certification prep courses for Novell and NT
will be available, but they haven't decided on how to handle Unix
certification yet. Sujan says they don't want to use one of the Linux
"proprietary" certification programs like Red Hat's, but will look for
models used by some eastern universities for general Unix
certification. Solaris certification is too expensive for them to use.
  This is still in the planning stages, but will most likely appear in the
Spring 2000 JC curriculum. Hands-on networking courses will be taught
at Coddingtown Center computer labs (so students won't destroy the
CIS lab network, I guess!) 
    Sujan showed me the curriculum flowchart, which
was doodled by hand on a piece of scratchpaper. I really like this
idea, as I plan to retake the now 8-week Unix II course this fall,
since it will include some networking, and I want to learn about that.
   By next Spring, the Unix course will no longer be 2 8-week courses,
but will be globbed into one full-semester course.  I don't want to get
a certificate or anything, just learn how this stuff works!
   This whole new networking program was made possible by some
good old grant money - Yay!
-Nancy Harrison, Life Sciences Dept., Santa Rosa JC (Calif.native plants)
Linux...'nothing can resist an idea whose time has come.'

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