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Greetings fellow NBLUG'ers.  For those who don't know, SofTECH is a pretty
neat organization here in the North Bay.  Their mission (as I understand
it) is to foster communications among IT people in the San Francisco North
Bay.  They have more info on their web site at http://www.softech.org/.  I
signed up for a trial membership at their last general meeting two weeks
ago.  It seems fairly worthwhile if you are interested in meeting others
like you in the North Bay.  I'll be at this meeting...should be rather
intersting.  They also have a telecommuncations SIG which is starting up. 
Again, check their site for further info.


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Up all night writing code? Don't have a life? Take a break from your routine
and come to the start-up meeting of SofTECH's Santa Rosa SIG this Thurs.,
June 17 at 7pm. The topic is "The Coming of XML and Why."

The talk will be given by Dale Dougherty, President of Songline Studios of
Sebastopol.  XML, as  you may know is seen as the successor language to HTML
and offers great flexibility to programmers particularly with regard to
user-specific data-bases.

Dale founded Songline Studios in June 1995. The company is a pioneer in Web
publishing. Dale developed the first commercial Web site, Global Network
Navigator (GNN), which was sold to America Online in 1995.
Songline is a team of writers, designers and developers whose mission is to
push the limits of what's possible in this new medium. Songline Studios is
an affiliate of O'Reilly & Associates, and America Online has a minority
interest in the company.

The meeting will start off with the traditional, informal self-introductions
and networking.

Meeting location is the downtown headquarters offices of National Bank of
the Redwoods at 111 Santa Rosa Avenue (2nd floor) at B Street. Thanks to
Jerry Scott, Vice President at National Bank of the Redwoods for the meeting

There is no charge to SofTECH members. The non-member fee is $10. The latter
can be applied to memberships paid that night: student, $35; individual $95;
and company, $250.

Please feel free to invite colleagues and friends at other companies to this
inaugural event.

For those of you South of the Redwood Empire, Santa Rosa is 36 miles North
of San Rafael (allow 50 minutes driving time). Santa Rosa was recently
listed by Forbes Magazine as among the top 15 best cities in the U.S. in
which to do business (one of six California cities among the 100 selected
across the country). It has a large enclosed shopping Mall downtown and lots
of restaurants. For more Santa Rosa info, go to: www. santarosa.com

XML is Here!

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