1s,2s & 0s-MBR, LILO or ?

Paul larkin at jps.net
Thu Apr 26 09:47:43 PDT 2001

Thanks for the advice.  The Caldera gives me the choice, and I did choose
"/".   PMagic makes a small partition at the "front" of the drive.  But I
don't know yet where LiLo is actually stored, as opposed to where it should
be, or how to fix things so BootMagic sees LiLo.  Using it, scrolling 01s
still appear on the screen.  Maybe the winMBR is damaged & I should replace,
as you did.   But I finally learned to get Linux to load using Loadlin from
basic DOS boot.  I hope someone helps you with X-Win, I don't have the
knowledge to, yet.

Lorie Obal wrote:

> On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, Paul wrote:
> > other problem entirely?  Primary master disk is w98se.  Partition Magic
> > was used to configure root & swap partitions on Linux, but should I not
> > expect Boot Magic to boot the Linux, as Ms. Obal suspects with her
> > RedHat?
> >
> Depends on if you can get Linux install to relinquish control and NOT
> override MBR automatically. I assigned boot record to /
> (specifically) with
> Mandrake and on boot BootMagic comes up (had to add linux boot there) and
> if I chose Linux, then I get a Lilo boot prompt and it boots OK.
> If using Partition Magic be sure your Linux install doesn't try to
> automatically repartition for you - Partition Magic has trouble
> recognizing these (or worse) sometimes.
> Now if I could get XWin to load...
> -Lorie

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