funky network queries.

Some Guy avid at
Wed Apr 25 20:47:25 PDT 2001

With the pending installation of dsl at my home, i'm ready to build the home
network i've been waiting so long for.

This is what is involved:
computer A# is a thunderbird with win2k and 90gigs of files.
Computer B#, a fanless underclocked k6-2, needs to access those files
(mp3's) and play them through a soundblaster live under the remote control
computer C#, a toshiba laptop pentium 133.
Computer D# will be a linux ftp/web server, which serves files from the
win2k machine.

In otherwords, computer B will not be connected to a monitor because it's a
6"x12" box that sits next to my stereo, and both B and D need to access
files on a win2k machine..

It's a bit dizzifying for me- i think i need to use VNC to control computer
B from the laptop, but i don't know how i should set up the filesharing
between the win2k, and the two linux boxes (B and D). I need to keep the one
win2k box, but the rest can be configured any which way.

Any suggestions would make me feel more confident- it's tempting to use
half-ass microsoft solutions, but i'm sure with a little help i can do it
the right way  :)

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