Suggestions for talks at nblug:

schwer at schwer at
Fri Aug 10 09:36:39 PDT 2001

oooh a presentation on the gimp would be nice. i've often wondered what kind 
of cool things can be done with it.

as for other topic ideas...every month in Linux Journal there is always 
atleast one good topic. (since im still reading the may issue) an 
interesting article from my current issue is: "Checking Your Work with 
Scanners, Part I [of II]: nmap".


ME <dugan at> said:

> Bill Kendrick  (LUGOD) did a talk on the GIMP at another LUG and will be
> doing it at his local LUG soon. Maybe we can convince him to talk about it
> at our LUG?
> (For those that do not know about the GIMP, it is a fully function desktop
> publishing tool that feels much like Photoshop(TM) but hs many features
> not found in Photoshop - and the GIMP is free!)
> -ME

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