[NBLUG TALK] Positions listings...

Kevin Jamieson derf at sonic.net
Fri Aug 10 09:36:49 PDT 2001

On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 08:48:17AM -0700, Christopher Wagner wrote:
> Hey, that's my old job!  They paying better than they did when I worked
> there!  And I didn't even get the free parking!
> :)
> Pay inclusion is very helpful unless the position is such that the
> salary would vary siginificantly depending on experience.  My current
> job salary was dependent on how much training I'd had, and will go up
> once I get more training (that they're paying for! :)). :)
> - Chris

What's this whole 'training' thing I keep hearing about?  What does it

Wait, you mean they give you more training than 'Here is the root password'?
Oh, man...that's awesome! 


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