Sound card pain and suffering...

Cameron Tully-Smith lpstudy at
Sat Feb 17 23:49:28 PST 2001

At 10:09 PM 2/17/01 -0800, you wrote:
>As for this kind of mistake, it happens to everyone. I once spent an hour

Thanks for being understanding. :)

>How about the date/time probem? Was your assumption on UTC/GMT correct?

I ended up setting the clock in the machine's CMOS setup to UTC.  The next 
time I booted Linux, it subtracted 8 hours to get PST and it's working fine 
as I write this.  Thanks for following up on this.  If I have further 
problems, I'll probably remove /etc/adjtime and regenerate it using hwclock 
--utc --set --date='xyz', then hwclock --adjust (though it runs hwclock 
--adjust every minute via cron and it hasn't had problems yet, so it 
appears that the /etc/adjtime file is just fine...  makes sense since it 
was off by 8 hours every time I booted but, otherwise, the clock wasn't 
drifting at all).

BTW, when I went into CMOS setup, the clock was set to PST.  I must have 
gotten confused...  or, the clock stayed set and the Linux just subtracted 
8 hours when booting each time, thereby driving me nuts and working exactly 
as it was supposed to. :)

With the sound and clock fixed, everything's great now.  Thanks to you and 
everyone on the list for all of the help.

lpstudy at

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