InstallFest helpers?

Mike Rice dolo724 at
Fri Feb 16 09:00:15 PST 2001

I have a handful of PCI NICs (SMC) I can bring to alleviate the demand.
no problem.

--- Eric Eisenhart <eric at> wrote:
> Well, I guess it was over a month ago that I last asked about this,
> and I
> did get a response from a few people, but after the very nice
> presentation
> on Tuesday, apparently we inspired a number of people to want Linux
> on their
> computer, so now I have more people wanting help than people that I
> know are
> going to be there to help...
> So, I start begging again...
> Anybody want to come on Saturday and help out?  If so, please tell
> me.  I
> try to have helpers show up at 9am, and the doors open to people
> needing
> help at 10am.  But if you can't make it until later, that's fine. 
> Please,
> more people come and help...  :-)
> Right now about 3 people listed a fairly specific thing that they
> want
> (Debian, X problem, FreeBSD) and about 13 just generally need help. 
> There's
> a few laptops, some older hardware and some stuff that sounds like it
> should
> be fairly easy for anybody that's done a RedHat install before.
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