A tar process that won't die!

Lincoln Peters lincoln_peters at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 4 10:03:11 PST 2002

The symptoms are the same, but I don't think that it has the same cause.  As 
I recall, Frank's problem involved a program that went to sleep because it 
was waiting for the hard disk to do something.  This runaway tar process is 
anything _but_ sleeping!

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>I believe there was a discussion awhile back "Processes that won't die" was
>the subject header.  I don't remember the exact content, but I think it had
>something to do with X.  Some of the discussion that took place may apply.
>Devin said something about the process waiting for IO I think?
>There is a mailing list archive available, I don't remember the commands to
>retrieve from it, though.
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>Subject: A tar process that won't die!
>I'm trying to rebuild my parent's computer, and in the process, I tried to
>build a tarball from my mom's home directory.  That has taken a very 
>turn.  I tried to cancel the operation, but I can't seem to kill it!  I 
>tar a CTRL-C (signal 2), a SIGTERM (signal 15), and even SIGKILL (signal 
>but tar just keeps running like heck, wasting CPU cycles and disk space on
>MY computer.
>Why would it keep running even after a SIGKILL?
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