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Mon Jun 10 23:36:11 PDT 2002

> > Hello,
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> >            with MacOSX being based on BSD and the recent port of 
> Well... MacOSX isn't based on BSD exactly.  It uses a mach kernel, and
> is based on NeXTStep. It uses some BSD style conventions for utilities
> like ps(1), ls(1) and cc(1), but I wouldn't characterize it as BSD.
> The mach kernel has relatively little in common with the BSD kernel.
> And those Mac apps that are ported to OS X will most likely use the
> Carbon interface, which hasn't been ported to any (other) *nix platform
> that I'm aware of, and almost certainly won't be.

Mac OS X is bsd.

Apple retains two versions of Mac OS X, both the server and the client.
The server is based on NextSTEP.
The client is based on Mach.

However it should be noted that both use the Darwin subsystem and have
become such hacks together that the client and the server are rarely

The Mach Kernel is based off of bsd 4.2.
Then the Mach Kernel progressed into Mac OS X (developer release 1).
This then progressed into the base of Darwin 1.0
The beta test program was then merged into Darwin.
Then OS X 10.1 of the Mach Kernel line merged into Darwin's current

Where as NeXTStep came from 4.3BSD and Mach. It then became OpenStep,
then it became Rhapsody. Rhapsody then branched out into two different
products, Max OS X Server 1.0 and Darwin 0.1. The Mach Kernel version
began to filter into this as well and this Mac OS X server version
continues to gain from its Darwin core.

>From here Darwin is still being developed and has been ported to intel,
but aqua has not.


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