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augie wrote:

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>On Fri, Nov 15, 2002 at 06:00:05PM -0800, John Kohler wrote:
>>augie wrote:
>>>if that works and pinging
>>>the domain name doesn't work, then maybe you don't have your dns
>>>lookup setup. i believe the file is /etc/resolve.conf if that's not
>>>it, then you should be able to GUI it with netconf. it may be that you
>>>have to set it up on your router first.
>>I can get access to the router software from the iMac.  I can put the 
>>http:// in with the address using Netscape or Mozilla and a 
>>router page appears with buttons for LAN and WAN, installation wizard, etc.
>>I am not sure how to set something up on the router for the hp laptop, 
>well i was thinking if you set the proper dns addresses up on the
>router, and your default route on the laptop is the router, then
>requests for domain names should flow from your laptop to the router,
>and from the router to the proper dns machines.
>so if there is an option in the router config to set dns addresses i
>would do that.
I am not sure of how many features are on the router configuration. 
 This is a D-Link 604 and the "web page" I can get to from the iMac has 
the following tab pages:

Home, Advanced, Tools, Status, and Help.

On each tab page are several buttons:

Home has Wizard, WAN, LAN, DHCP
Advanced has  Virtual Server, Applications, Filters, Firewall, and DMZ
Tools has Admin, Time, System, Firmware and Misc.
Status has Device Info, Log and Stats
Help has only a menu:

Setup Wizard,
WAN settings
Lan Settings
DHCP server
Virtual server,
Special applications
Firewall rules
Administrator settings
System time
System Settings
Firmware upgrade
Miscellaneous items
Device information
Log, and Traffic statistics

There is also an faq

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