[NBLUG/talk] Changed Network

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Thu Apr 29 21:26:10 PDT 2004

> It would seem that your router has a nameserver proxy.  Did
> you program some nameservers into it?  If not try to, who
> knows what defaults they put in it.

I'd programmed both routers with the nameservers but only the nearest one
has DHCP active. The far router uses static IPs for the near router. That
network is actually only for routers and not for hosts, although I can
plug my laptop in there, reconfigure a little and test connections and the
far router configuration. I hadn't known for some reason until recently
that DHCP could pass on nameserver information (don't know where I missed
that little tidbit).

I'll be double checking the maual for the close router, I didn't know or
expect it to try and mess with DNS.

The idea of the routers is to share an internet connection securely with
another network. It could be done with one less router, but the packets
for the farthest network from the internet would go through the other
network so I set it up so neithor packets traverse each others networks.

Anyone know how secure this is or things to watch for?

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