[NBLUG/talk] Re Installing kernel RPM update

Mark Street jet at sonic.net
Sun Jan 11 15:44:00 PST 2004

Do not do an UPgrade on a kernel with RPM....  It will break things.

Do an rpm -ivh kernel-BLAH and install the kernel's side by side.  Reboot and 
make sure the new kernel works, then remove the old kernel with an rpm -e 

I can't remember if kernel-headers is a required package for 7.2 or not...  

On Saturday 10 January 2004 23:46, HarryH wrote:
> Hi,
> Back on December 25, I did a "up2date -u" from the Red Hat Network for a
> kernel update to my 7.2 machine.  The up2date process did not go to total
> completion, that is it could not run a "sh /sbin/grubby" as I had run out
> of "/"  directory space and it could not get to /sbin.  I can tell by
> looking at /boot that not all is completed.  That problem is now fixed.  I
> just tried to re-update the kernel with a "rpm -Uvh package name" (same
> package and version) and it complained that the existing kernel files
> conflict with the fresh rpm package.  I tried to use the -F option but that
> did absolutely nothing.  Do I need to use the "-i" option in order to force
> the rpm to overlay the unsuccessful prior install?  Or, should I use the
> "-e" to try and back it out first?  The best I can tell, the machine is
> running on the prior version of the kernel.
> Any info appreciated,
> Harry

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