[NBLUG/talk] [cheap] laptops

Walter Hansen gandalf at sonic.net
Sat Jun 12 15:57:28 PDT 2004

I don't remember the URL, but dell has a website where they sell off used
laptops and other computers. Their mostly educational ones or refurbished
models. As I remember they had laptops arround $400.


> Hi!
> I'm still looking for a laptop to run Linux on. I've
> decided that although I probably *could* afford a
> ~$1000 laptop, I'm just not comfortable hauling around
> something that expensive. So, I'm looking at
> used/refurbished laptops online. I'm aiming to spend
> under $400, but I could probably stretch that to
> $500-600...
> I've been hearing (mostly) good things about Dells and
> IBM thinkpads in the Linux compatability department,
> so that's what I'm looking at now (if anyone wants to
> recommend other brands, I'm all ears). If I can find
> one with Windows already on it, I'd like to try to
> dual-boot it and Linux.
> Computergeeks.com and Tigerdirect.com both have nice
> selections of Thinkpads (though Tigerdirect doesn't
> have anything under $600). The only place I can find
> old Dells is eBay.
> Anybody want to recommend other places to shop? Anyone
> want to recommend specific models to look for (or,
> more importantly, specific models to avoid)?
> I'll probably use my SuSE 9.0 on it to start with,
> though I might avoid KDE. ;-) I'll try WindowMaker or
> one of those other fast ones.
> I want ethernet on it so I can connect to the school's
> network, and would like to buy from someone who can
> add a CDRW drive (since I have dialup at home, I want
> to use the school's broadband to try downloading some
> different Linux isos... hehe). A regular modem to use
> at home would be nice, too.
> Any thoughts?
> TIA,
> William
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