[NBLUG/talk] [cheap] laptops

Paul Larkin larkin at jps.net
Mon Jun 14 23:07:38 PDT 2004

You could always go to the Computer Recycling Center on Santa Rosa 
Ave. between Todd & Hearn (there's a yellow sandwich board out), by 
Sequoia Florists.  At any given time there may be a Dell.  Their 
stuff meets your price range, but these are used & refurbished 
laptops.  They have a fair turnover on them, so maybe if you let them 
know what you're looking for, they can keep a heads up & save 
something for you.  Open Sats. 9a-1p.

Maybe you could place an ad on the WaccoBB (a yahoo! group) too.

On 6/12/04, A'fish'ionado wrote:
>Anybody want to recommend other places to shop? Anyone
>want to recommend specific models to look for (or,
>more importantly, specific models to avoid)?


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