[NBLUG/talk] install Crypt::SSLeay Mandrivia

Mark Street mark at oswizards.com
Thu Aug 3 20:45:19 PDT 2006

Did you install the perl-Crypt-SSLeay rpm?  Your description of the
problem is a bit hard to follow.

Usually if I cannot find the proper package I use the cpan shell.  Just
type in cpan at the prompt and follow the yellow brick road.

Walter Hansen wrote:
> I'm working on a mandrivia box (a colo at sonic).
> I'm banging my head on this one.
> It's got openssl installed via stock mandrake rpms.
> I'm trying to get the Crypt::SSLeay perl module to load allowing perl to
> grab secure stuff off the web.
> But I can't seem to get the perl module to pick up on it. It's looking for
> *.h files. I think I've used urpmi to install all of the devel packages,
> but I could be wrong.
> It looks pretty straightforward if I install from source, but can't
> breaking ssl knock me out of ssl session (locking me out of the server)
> and affect the running https sites?
> I wonder about leaving the rpm in place and installing from source in a
> non standard location, but I'm not experinced with that.

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