[NBLUG/talk] GBLD (or similar)?

S. Saunders sms at sonic.net
Wed Feb 8 12:54:46 PST 2006

Hey, folks...

Got a medium-geek friend, some interest in Linux.
I saw the Installfest announced, thought it might
be a good way to get him hooked up with NBLUG.

One of his favorite computer pursuits is gaming,
so if anyone knows of a good "gaming distro" that
he could request for the 'fest, that'd be a big
(BIG!) plus.

My googling has shown "GBLD" (gbld.net), but
they seem to be (at least semi-) defunct.   :(
Gentoo _looks_ (at first glance) to have a strong
push for lots of games (gentoo was the base of

OTOH, the Installfest page explicitly lists ONLY
RedHat, Debian, & SuSE (??? Really?), so maybe
I should be looking for good "gaming" RPM's and
APT's &c...

Comments?  Suggestions?  Flames?  Sarcasm?

I don't know what box(es) he might bring to a 'fest
but I'm pretty sure he has older "sandbox" units
that he re-installs on for fun/interest/etc.  I'll point
him to HCL's so that he brings something viable.

- Steve S.

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