[NBLUG/talk] GBLD (or similar)?

Kyle Rankin kyle at nblug.org
Wed Feb 8 14:46:14 PST 2006

On Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 01:45:46PM -0800, S. Saunders wrote:
> On Wed, February 8, 2006 13:12, Troy Arnold wrote:
> >  Compatability with the above is going to be hit or miss,
> > with more hits on Cedega.  All of the above options have
> > compatability lists available.
> What about native-Linux games (gaming ISN'T my big draw
> with computers, in case that doesn't show)?  Are they still
> pretty much tEh 5uXXX0rs for selection / excitement / etc?
> Does "gaming on Linux" largely still imply some sort of
> emulation or virtual engine, so that you're really running
> Windows games on MS-Win, on Linux?
> - Steve S.
>   who was suspecting as much, frankly
>   but is disappointed anyhow.    ;-/

Not to do a shameless plug, but if you come across a copy of Running Linux
5th edition, there's an entire chapter devoted just to gaming under Linux
that I wrote. It covers a few commericial FPSs as well as some Open Source
games and arcade emulators.

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