[NBLUG/talk] GBLD (or similar)?

Stephen Cilley hydro_mancer at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 8 15:18:37 PST 2006

Well, gaming on Linux is somewhat problematic, but
there are plenty of counter examples to show.  Like
whoever said, Quake III, Quake IV, Doom III, and UT2k4
all work without any hitches on linux (those are the
ones I've personally experienced.)  Paul (ck) said
that he runs WoW on a linux box.  Other than that the
Cedega compatability list is your best shot for
figuring it out beforehand:

Cedega, btw, can just as easily be installed using CVS
for free, especially if you're using Gentoo.

As for Gentoo, unless your friend is fairly
comfortable with Linux/BSD/UNIX, I would most
forcefully recomend against it.  I would recomend
Ubuntu/Kubuntu.  Easy, everything just works.  It'll
be slower than straight Debian, which is slower than
Gentoo, but we're not talking anything more than a 10%
boost in FPS, at best (rough estimate.)

Also, in terms of alternative gaming, every Linux
setup I've ever seen supports most of the popular
console emulators, and there's DOSBox, so it's classic
games ahoy.  There's also a fair amount of (somewhat)
decent open source games.  (decent as in they looked
alright, I never really took the time to play one.)  I
mean, who can resist Planet Penguin Racer?

I'm working on a Gentoo gaming box right now, so you
can e-mail me directly with specific questions if you
have any.


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