[NBLUG/talk] (k)ubuntu, apt-get, versionitis

Bob Blick bblick at sonic.net
Sun Oct 15 14:49:09 PDT 2006

Well, I got half of this figured out. You really need to make sure your 
sources.lst file has corresponding settings for any enalbled areas, ie 
if you have multiverse enabled for main, also have multiverse 
enabled for backports.


On 13 Oct 2006 at 10:01, Bob Blick wrote:

> I went to install some development packages on a kubuntu machine, but I
> couldn't do it because it would break some packages. Evidently the
> available development packages (for example let's say qt3-mt-dev) are at
> version whereas the already-installed qt3-mt package is version
> due to my previously letting kubuntu update me. So basically the
> repositories do not have corresponding versions.
> This was a fresh install that I had done, then done update, then tried to
> install the development tools.
> What I ended up doing was reformatting and reinstalling, then installing
> the development packages, and not doing an update. Clearly this is not
> what a pro would do.
> What would have been the right thing to do here? Since I can't rely on the
> ubuntu package maintainers to be up to date, how do I go about rolling
> back in a graceful way? There were dozens of instances.
> But wait, there's more :) Matching kernel-source and kernel-header are not
> available for all the available versions.
> It makes me never want to update anything, lest I be locked out in the
> future from installing a development package.

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