[NBLUG/talk] (k)ubuntu, apt-get, versionitis

Bob Blick bblick at sonic.net
Fri Oct 13 13:55:56 PDT 2006

> That shouldn't happen.  It's my understanding that the binary packages
> themselves are built using the available -dev packages.  I don't have a
> k/ubuntu install nearby, but from browsing
> http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/ it appears that the qt and qt dev
> packages are in sync at 3.3.6.  Did you install stuff from a third-party
> repository?

No, just the ones in the sources.lst file, fully uncommented.

And I was wrong with the version numbers(writing from memory while I
should be working). The binary was 3.3.6 and the dev was 3.3.4. I have
seen this error on the ubuntu blog, but as usual these days, it's the
blind leading the blind when you go down that alley, so no answers.

>> What would have been the right thing to do here? Since I can't rely on
>> the
>> ubuntu package maintainers to be up to date, how do I go about rolling
>> back in a graceful way? There were dozens of instances.
> You might be able to mount the original kubuntu install cd and point your
> sources list at it...

> But I don't know why you'd not be able to install the -dev packages.  I
> haven't run into that problem yet myself, though I'm relatively new to
> ubuntu.  Could we see the error messages from your package installer?

No, but it went something like "such and such requires such and such =

> Regarding your kernel issue, which one(s) are missing the corresponding
> kernel-headers package ?

The version that is on the cd, for sure.



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