[NBLUG/talk] vnc problems after Xorg upgrade

Troy Arnold troy at zenux.net
Sun Sep 17 13:25:58 PDT 2006

On Sun, Sep 17, 2006 at 12:53:10PM -0700, Robert Hayes wrote:
> the Xorg.conf has the correct fontpaths in it.
> I've tried to run the dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg command, but the 
> video chipset choices do not correspond with what's in this machine (Dell 
> with an intel 3D AGP).
> After 5 years of daily use I see why people say the things they do about 
> linux.

After years of working on computers all day, then playing with them as a
hobby, I got sick of this sort of thing too.  I've now joined Dustin in the
"I just want something that friggin' works" camp.

I started running Kubuntu Dapper a couple of months ago and was immediately
impressed and remain extremely pleased.  It gives me the benefits of
Debian's ginormous package repository, along with consistency.

Before I grew old and cranky, I ran Debian Unstable, because the Debian
Stable versions were soon too far beyond the bleeding edge that I liked to
tread.  To be fair, most of my consistency issues with Debian were due to
the fact that Unstable was being used for what it was meant -- testing out
new features.  This always worked (or could be made to work) well enough,
but the polish was missing.

These days, I enjoy plugging in my removable devices and having them instantly
available at a consistent mountpoint.  I liked plugging in my Zaurus and
being able to immediately ping it.  I like the fact that Kubuntu remains
true to it's Debian roots, so I can administer it in ways that I'm used to.

My point is: you might look into a more desktop oriented distro.

Tip: when partitioning a new system, always make /home and possibly
/usr/local it's own partition.  Makes re-installs or switching distro's
nicer because you don't need to restore your $HOME from backup.  A copy of
/etc usually comes in handy too.


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