[NBLUG/talk] EEE PC and EEEBuntu Hibernate...

Steve Johnson srj at adnd.com
Fri Feb 20 10:54:44 PST 2009

So I bought an EEE PC the 10" one 1000 I think is the model number.. It's
pretty nice, 40Gig SSD (an 8Gig and a 32Gig), 1024x600 screen res, which
works great for ssh, email and surfing..  It will quickly become my most
used machine, but....  I can't get hybernate working.. I get an error when
it tries to hibernat the "PM: can't find a swap partition, try swapon -a"
(Or something like that, I am typing this from memory.. the EEE is at home,
and I am not. )

Anyways, has anyone had experience getting this to work on the EEE with
EEEBuntu?  I checked their forums and followed the advice posted there, but
so far no luck..  The system has a 4Gig swap (I read 2x system memory if you
want hibernate to work reliably), it's all setup and working, and even shows
up when you run 'free'.  I check hibernat conf file, and made sure it was
pointing at the device.. Now I am NOT using the UUID in the conf file, but I
am also not using that in the fstab.. I am pointing right at the device
(/dev/sdb1) I don't see how this could be the problem, but if need be, I
will figure out the UUID of the swap and point it at that.. (How do I find
the UUID?)

Other than this one hibernate issue, the EEE PC1000 is a pretty slick little

Also, if you are wondering why I went with EEEBuntu instead of the default
Xandros install, its mainly because their repos don't have the software I
want, and the other reason is I don't care that much for KDE, and I did not
see a way to install gnome under their version of Xandros.  :)  So it's just
a preference thing.

Any help is mucho appreciated :)

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