[NBLUG/talk] Apache and virtual hosts..

Tim C. Lewis tclewis at oreilly.com
Wed Jan 13 11:43:49 PST 2010

if each vhost has its own ip, you could run separate apache instances 
entirely, altho that may get cluttery to manage.

you may want to check out the peruser or itk apache MPMs.  both of them 
allow you to do exactly what you're talking about here, but could 
potentially be buggy especially if using them with a bunch of other apache 
modules.  i've had moderate success with peruser.


On Wed, 13 Jan 2010, Steve Johnson wrote:

> I had this idea, I want to run a virtual domain under my apache
> config, which is easy and working, but I a twist I want to do..
> Instead of all virtual domains running as user apache, is there a
> config option so that each virtual domain runs apache as a different
> user?  I would like to segregate each virtual domain so that some wise
> scripter can't write a script that reads another users files for their
> virtual domain.
> Any ideas?  I have read up on running multiple instances of apache,
> but this seems like a bad way to do it if you have more than a couple
> virtual domains.  Oh and each domain has its own IP address.. so that
> should not be an issue.
> Thanks.
> -Steve
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