Networking information: firewalls

ME dugan at
Wed Dec 29 03:23:40 PST 1999

Hello fellow list members,

I have been doing a little work in my spare time on trying to explain the
theory behind firewalls since this has been a topic that some people
desired to understand. There are a few points that I need to pollish up in
the collection of documents I wrote, but a majority of the pages are

There was a discussion at one of the recent meetings on networking and
Linux. This may be useful to some of you out there that want to better
understand headers for TCP, IP, UDP and ICMP and the information they
have that can possibly be filtered.

Over the next few years I plan on also covering IPX/SPX and Appletalk
protocols and explain them as well.

Feel free to e-mail me comments, corrections, suggestions for additions,
or places where an explanation is too verbose, or too brief.

Will eventually cover ipchains, and other Linux tools for creating a
policy and some samples, but has not been included as of yet.
(The LDP has done a pretty good job of this part anyway.)


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