DSL help plz.

Hes Nikke hesnikke at sonic.net
Wed Dec 29 01:08:54 PST 1999

no i was enjoying it!!

i've learned a bunch about xDSL that i didn't know about!

mb you could include me in the cc list?

Hes Nikke
all spealing errors are to be ignored

ME wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, Steve wrote:
> > Subject: Re: DSL help plz.
> > Why don't you guys take it off the list.. This is getting annoying.
> OK. Apologies to the members of nblug for my sense of clarification in
> taking this discussion to the point of it becomming annoying.
> *bows out gracefully and moves to off list*
> -M

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