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Mon Dec 27 22:04:52 PST 1999

On Mon, 27 Dec 1999 21:46:34 -0800, David Johnson <dgj-dave at pacbell.net> spoke gently:
>     Hello, this is my first post and hopefully this is the right forum
> to ask this indepth question.
> Here Is what I want to do:
> 1) I have a small (10baset) windows98 network (2 computers)
> 2) I have a linux box I would like to setup as a router/gateway between
> the LAN and my DSL connection.
> 3) I would like to eventually host my own sites using the linux box/as
> well as share the connection to the LAN.
> any suggestions to get me started on this project? software/server
> daemons issues?
> or if possible, could someone help me with a plan of attacking this
> project?
> any help or reference URLS would be greatly apreciated! thank you
> David Johnson

The primary aspect of a setup like this is IP masquerading.
Since you'll be on a full-time link, you need not worry about diald.
In short, you give your linux box the static IP from your ISP, and give
your Windows machines "fake" addresses on the 192.168.0 network reserved
for this purpose. IP masquerading on the linux box handles packet
forwarding between the net and your other machines.

There was a good discussion at the last NBLUG meeting giving the
generals of how this all works. I suggest starting with the excellent
howto available on the LDP:

Sebastian Mindling

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