DSL help plz.

David Johnson dgj-dave at pacbell.net
Mon Dec 27 21:46:34 PST 1999

    Hello, this is my first post and hopefully this is the right forum
to ask this indepth question.
Here Is what I want to do:
1) I have a small (10baset) windows98 network (2 computers)
2) I have a linux box I would like to setup as a router/gateway between
the LAN and my DSL connection.
3) I would like to eventually host my own sites using the linux box/as
well as share the connection to the LAN.

any suggestions to get me started on this project? software/server
daemons issues?
or if possible, could someone help me with a plan of attacking this
any help or reference URLS would be greatly apreciated! thank you
David Johnson

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