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Mike, congrats! Maybe eventually you can help me link
my G4 to my DIL's iMac in a simple network - I don't
think there is a LinuxPPC for the G4's yet. - NH

> Hello all,
> For those of you that are supporting macs at home with the use of netatalk
> and have been unhappy with not being able to have an Appletalk Zone other
> than "*" the new version of netatalk (asun) supports the creation of Zones
> on single interfaces without other routers!
> Nope, it is not documented anywhere except for 3 mention of the "-router"
> option/flag for atalkd but it does work in asun 2.1.3+ netatalk.
> Be careful in creating a Zone with this option on a network with routers.
> A poor choice in a range could make your network un-usable. (You may not
> want to experiment with this at work, but at home, it could be fun.)
> Anyway, just this short blurb on this since it was news to me, and has no
> documentation for how to use it...
> For me to get mine to work I used this in my atalkd.conf:
> eth0 -router -phase 2 -net X-YYYYY -addr WWWWW.ZZ -zone "Nerd House"
> (where X, YYYYY, WWWWW, and ZZ are actual valid numbers for my network at
> home)
> Happiness is mine!
> Now, I just need people to bring macs with them when they visit to see my
> new Zone.
> ("getzones" shows this zone from other linux boxes, and that is good
> enough for me until i get a mac to see it in the chooser...)
> (I only found out about this cause when a user asked if it was possible in
> the netatalk mailing list, I said no and explained why. Then A-Sun
> notified me that it was possible in 2.1.3 now. No documentation on how to
> do it, but so long as you issue -router before -zone most problems and
> complaints seem to go away...)
> -ME

-Nancy Harrison, Life Sciences Dept., Santa Rosa JC
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