home users of netatalk

Mike dugan at libwais.sonoma.edu
Wed Dec 1 17:13:13 PST 1999

Hello all,
For those of you that are supporting macs at home with the use of netatalk
and have been unhappy with not being able to have an Appletalk Zone other
than "*" the new version of netatalk (asun) supports the creation of Zones
on single interfaces without other routers!

Nope, it is not documented anywhere except for 3 mention of the "-router"
option/flag for atalkd but it does work in asun 2.1.3+ netatalk.

Be careful in creating a Zone with this option on a network with routers.
A poor choice in a range could make your network un-usable. (You may not
want to experiment with this at work, but at home, it could be fun.)

Anyway, just this short blurb on this since it was news to me, and has no
documentation for how to use it...

For me to get mine to work I used this in my atalkd.conf:

eth0 -router -phase 2 -net X-YYYYY -addr WWWWW.ZZ -zone "Nerd House"
(where X, YYYYY, WWWWW, and ZZ are actual valid numbers for my network at

Happiness is mine!

Now, I just need people to bring macs with them when they visit to see my
new Zone.

("getzones" shows this zone from other linux boxes, and that is good
enough for me until i get a mac to see it in the chooser...)

(I only found out about this cause when a user asked if it was possible in
the netatalk mailing list, I said no and explained why. Then A-Sun
notified me that it was possible in 2.1.3 now. No documentation on how to
do it, but so long as you issue -router before -zone most problems and
complaints seem to go away...)


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