2 macs and a linux on a LAN

John F. Kohler jkohler2 at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 4 09:13:48 PDT 2000

Mitchell Patenaude wrote:

> Hi John, in addition to the very good advice from dugan, I see one thing
> that concerns me:
> On Fri, Aug 04, 2000 at 09:31:48AM +0100, John F. Kohler wrote:
> [...]
> > Linux then detected the card on rebooting, and I could then
> > perform a successful "insmod"
> > to get the kernel (2.2.14-5.0) to recognize the card and
> > LAN.
> You shouldn't have to call insmod or modprobe explicitly, it should
> happen automagically during the boot process. All that stuff we did
> before was just for diagnostic purposes.
> I agree that your remaining problem is most likely either routing or
> DNS.  I thought that the gateway was configured when I was there, but
> I could be mis-remembering, or it could have gotten clobbered.
> A quick and simple test would be to try to ping a host outside your
> network with an explicit IP.  Try bolt.sonic.net (, and
> see if that works.  If so, then the problem is almost certainly DNS
> and you'll need to populate the /etc/resolv.conf file, otherwise you'll
> need to check your routing table.

OK, I will ping the above DNS and write the results here, on the mac.

connect: Network is unreachable.

( I did that from a user prompt)
Here is a ping from a root prompt....

same result...  Network is unreachable.

Thanks again for your help, too

> Best of luck,
>    -- Mitch

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