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Eric Eisenhart eric at
Fri Dec 15 11:56:42 PST 2000

On Fri, Dec 15, 2000 at 08:29:57AM -0800, lynn sears wrote:
> endingup with # setserial /dev/ttyS4 uart 16550A port 0xe800 irq 11
> this is same irq windows uses and windows uses com 5 hence the ttyS4
> I used kppp to set up a connection-- setting modem speed etc.
> the modem dials and attempts to connect then I get message that says pppd 
> has unexpectantly
> quit (this happens after 30 seconds everytime)  I can issue AT commands to 
> the modem from
> the kppp mini terminal and everything seems to be set properly. The 


Can you please show us what "cat /proc/interrupts" and
"setserial -a /dev/ttyS4" have to say?

Also, does your ISP offer direct dial-in shell-service?  When you're using
the mini-terminal, in addition to issuing AT commands, dial up a modem
(ATDT5551212) and try using that; does it work?  Is there strange lag?  Does
it disconnect after 30 seconds?

Also, you may want to go into the windows configuration and find out exactly
what the init string that's used is.  It's possible that the modem is
defaulting to something you don't want when the computer is turned on, and
windows fixes that with a proper init string.

> Dec 14 16:30:58 localhost pppd (905):pppd 2.3.11 started by root, uid 0
> " 	"	"  	"	"       :using interface ppp0
> "	"	"	"	"       : Connect:ppp0 <- -> /dev/ttyS4
> "	"          28		"       : LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests
> "	"          28	"	"       : Connection terminated
> "	"          28	"	"       : Receive Serial link is not 8-bit Clean
> "	"          28	"	"       : Problem: all had bit 7 set to 0
> "	"	"	"	"       : Exit

This sounds like maybe you've got the modem configured in a non 8-bit clean
fashion (like parity turned on) or that the login sequence isn't being
followed correctly.  This could possibly also be related to flow-control
being set wrong.

> The modem I have is internal PCI == Zoom V90 PCI Fax Modem -they list linux 
> compatibility	

Anything that's not a winmodem should be linux compatible.  I haven't dealt
with PCI modems, though.
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