[NBLUG TALK] Projector wanted

Dustin Mollo dustin at sonic.net
Sun Dec 3 12:29:48 PST 2000

Hello all.

Brad, Eric, Devin and I are sitting here working on next month's
presentation, and we were wondering if someone out there had a LCD projector
they would be able and willing to bring to the NBLUG meeting on Tuesday,
December 12th.  We only need one more project, as O'Reilly has one we can
most likely borrow (Kevin - I'll be emailing your shortly).  It would be
best if you could meet us at the meeting no later than 7:00PM to make sure
we can get it setup and working on time.

If anyone can help us out, please email Devin at aqua at dnblug.org.

We'll see y'all on the 12th!


Founder & President
The North Bay Linux Users' Group
dustin at nblug.org

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